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Welcome To Cook Children's Online Store!

Current production times are running about 3 weeks we are unable to process any rush shipments at this time. 




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3% of every sale will be contributed to Cook Children’s in support of our promise.

Big Sky Branding

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FAQ/Store Policies

When will my order be delivered?

We make every effort to maintain adequate inventory levels of each item displayed in this catalog. We will ship in-stock merchandise approximately 8-14 working days after receipt of order. Actual delivery times will vary depending upon your location.

How will I know if my order went through?

All completed orders will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of order placement.

I bought some items I need to return. What do I do?

Bob Lilly Professional Promotions can only accept returns for defective or improperly supplied merchandise within 5 days of receipt. No merchandise returns will be accepted without prior notification of our Customer Service Department at If your shipment is damaged upon arrival, please notify the delivery carrier.

If you would like to see items prior to ordering, please contact Cook Children’s Marketing Director Deirdre Jack at or 682-885-4243.

Do the on-line catalog prices ever change?

Yes, we try to maintain as much price stability as possible; however, supplier and material costs can occasionally force us to modify our prices. Prices in this on-line catalog are subject to change without prior notice.